Non-Profit Leadership

As the Director of the Sighthound Underground (SHUG), Michael Owens leads an international team of volunteers dedicated to relocating and rehoming some of the most persecuted breeds around the world. The Spanish Greyhound (Galgo), the racing Greyhounds in the US and abroad, Afghans Hounds, Ibizan Hounds, and Salukis are just a few of the breeds we…

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Online Banking Application

As Manager of Web Design Services at Online Resources Michael Owens developed a template-driven user interface for the first commercial real-time web banking platform. She also worked with financial institutions to develop an online presence reflecting their professionalism and commitment to customer service.


Data-Rich UI

As a Senior Information Architect at American Management Systems (AMS) in association with Aquent Partners, Michael Owens analyzed an existing back-office package aimed at the state government market. In the process of designing a new web-based version of the application, AMS looked to Michael to design a new user interface which would build on the…

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Interactive Training Tool

As a Manager of Web Production, Michael Owens consulted for multiple internal clients, including the training staff. Jane’s Flowers was a fictional web design services client. This interactive tool, designed for the 1999 Winstar National Sales Meeting, won “Best in Show” at the convention. Designed as a training tool for the sales staff, this wizard-style training…

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Network Reporting App

In association with Aquent Partners, Michael Owens was retained as a Web Applications Consultant to analyze the existing and planned reporting tools and design one web-based tool which would fullfill all user needs. The project at Cable & Wireless resulted from the evolution of a set of vast and complex network reporting requirements. The resulting application,…

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